Why a Hedgeplants.com hedge?

As a gardener, you know the value of a well-maintained hedge. Hedges provide natural screening and privacy, define garden spaces and areas, and can even form distinctive features in stunning landscape designs.  


All our hedging is container-grown in the UK making them fully acclimatised to British conditions. We ensure that every hedge is ready to plant straight from the container and is in prime condition for its new owner.

Trough Hedges

Our method of planting hedging in troughs is a popular choice for many reasons:

  • Suitable for planting all year round
  • Mature plants that have already knitted together
  • Immediate, impressive impact
  • Creates show garden quality and effect
  • Easy to measure for quantity
  • Simple way to create internal boundaries to your outdoor space
  • Large variety of hedges to choose from
  • Hedges available to suit all growing conditions

Choosing a hedge can provide you with many benefits including:

  • Natural garden boundaries.
  • Gives you privacy and security against intruders.
  • Creates shelter and shaded areas.
  • Provides a living, green backdrop to colourful borders and lawns.
  • Very often lasts longer than a fence and usually less expensive.
  • Great protection from the wind.
  • Absorbs noise and dust.
  • A great option for hiding unsightly garden features such as rubbish bins, washing lines or ugly outbuildings.

At Hedgeplants.com we can deliver anywhere in the UK and typically turn around orders within 48 hours. We have a team of hedge experts who can help advise you to make the right choice for your garden environment and landscape.