Why a HedgePlants.com Hedge?


Why a HedgePlants.com hedge?

  • The instant hedging system gives you an immediate living wall or boundary that can be positioned just where you want it. You can create privacy, shelter and garden features without fuss, undue expense or waiting for young plants to grow to maturity.
  • HedgePlants.com hedging is delivered literally ready to plant.
  • Supplied ready-spaced in metre-long troughs or bags, a HedgePlants.com hedge is quicker to install, taking less than half the time to plant than with traditional methods.
  • Hedging can easily be bent during planting to conform to any desired shape or template, no matter how complex.
  • HedgePlants.com hedges are pre-clipped and fully established, making plant loss extremely unlikely.
  • HedgePlants.com hedging is irrigated, nutrient-treated and trimmed regularly in the field or in the container.

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