The Ideal Hedges for Summertime

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Uncategorized

The Summer is when your garden is looking its best. All the hard work and time you spent in the autumn, winter and spring, has finally paid off!

While autumn to winter is the ideal time to be planting your hedges, summer is when you will get to see them flourish.

That said, it’s also the time when you will likely notice the most shaded areas of your garden. That is why we have put together our most popular list hedges suitable for planting in shaded areas and our favourite flowering hedges – that we know will look great in the sunshine!

If you’re planning on transforming your garden ready for next summer, here are our ideal hedges for summertime.

Choosing Your Hedges for Summertime

When updating the boundary of your garden, hedges can often be overlooked. Fencing can be the most obvious choice for homeowners but apart from offering a functional boundary, fences do very little else for your garden or outdoor space.

Hedges not only give your garden a stunning aesthetic, but they also prevent noise pollution and effectively blocks wind. Additionally, they also offer great homes for wildlife.  

Once planted, hedges require very few maintenance costs compared with fencing. Fences will need replacing every few years and are susceptible to being damaged in the event of high winds. Hedges may require trimming one to two times per year, however, this is only a time element rather than an additional cost.

Beautiful Flowering Hedges

Hedges don’t just have to be plain green borders, there are many other options to choose from.

Flowering hedges are a fantastic option to add more colour and interest to your garden boundary. There is a wide selection of hedges to choose from that will flower if they aren’t clipped too neatly.

However, due to their need to grow larger to produce flowers we would only suggest choosing these if you have ample outdoor space.

Some of our favourite flowering hedges include:

  • Osmanthus burkwoodii.
  • Prunus Lus. Angustifolia also known as the Portuguese Laurel.
  • Viburnum tinus.

Hedges Suitable for Shade

You may have a garden that doesn’t receive much sunlight, in which case you’ll need to find hedges suitable for being in shaded areas.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of hedges to choose from that will flourish in shade.

Here are some of our top hedges suitable for shaded spaces:

  • Carpinus Betulus also known as Hornbeam.
  • Crataegus Monogyna also known as Hawthorn

Garden Trends for Summer 2021

One of the most popular trends for gardens this summer is creating your garden as an ‘extra room’ of your home.

Achieve this by adding comfortable furniture, potted plants and even an outdoor rug. You can create the perfect outdoor living space, where you can sit amongst the beauty of nature, surrounding by your luscious green hedgerows and neatly mown lawn.

Another trend for summer 2021 is country gardens. If you live in a more urban area adding extra potted plants and shrubs can really give you a sense of a country home.

If you would like more help and advice on choosing the right hedges for summertime, call our friendly team today 01386 750700.