The Amazing Benefits of Instant Hedging

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Instant hedging can refer to hedge units, grown within troughs, that will have benefitted as a result of being pruned often, while additionally trying to make sure that the plants themselves form together to form one solid hedge unit. This makes for a healthy, strong hedge with an outstanding success rate once it has been planted, since all the roots come together. The fact that they can be planted at any time of year makes them an equally vital addition to your garden!


You’ll be pleased to know that the instant hedges work especially effectively because of the ability they have to create an immediate character and presence within your garden. It might take you years to grow a hedge in the normal fashion, but with instant hedges you can get a higher degree of peace of mind and reassurance fully knowing that once it is installed, you can leave the hedging as they are! Requiring very little maintenance, at most a prune twice a year, you can get to work enjoying your beautiful garden!

Variety and Nature

A central benefit is the variety of hedges that we have on offer, with a massive variety of availability. From our popular trough range to the more unconventional but highly mobile readybag options, the benefits of this variety can be identified easily when we consider the immediate uptake in wildlife and nature in your area as a result. An instant hedge makes an outstanding shelter for many different forms of wildlife and is able to shield your garden from external pressures, such as wind, that could normally prevent certain animals from coming over and checking out your garden. Fences might be easy to quickly erect, they do not offer much in the way of shelter for any animals that might like to enter your garden. Instant hedges therefore create a flourishing and unique ecosystem for a variety of localised fauna, so if you’re a natural lover, why not give it a go.

Cost Effective

Examining the cost involved in maintaining fencing or brickwork, it makes sense that investing in instant hedging could be recognised as the much better option for considerations regarding long-term cost-saving. Instant hedges are very long-lasting, and since instant hedges in particular require such little maintenance, you can be saving yourself a vast amount of future expense. If you are looking to save on those pounds, then instant hedging is definitely something worth considering for cost-saving purposes.


Instant hedges can provide an immense level of flexibility when implemented around your garden or outside area. Erecting a fence in a curved or circular shape is unlikely to ever work, but with instant hedges the possibilities are truly endless. Because of the improved flexibility, you can get creative with your plans and designs here by coming up with something that is truly original. Remember to think outside the box and take advantage of all the benefits instant hedging have to offer you and your garden!

Hopefully you have appreciated some of these incredible benefits to instant hedging.  If any of these have made you consider instant hedging for yourself, read on!

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