Low Maintenance Hedging

Instant garden hedges without the effort


If you’re looking for a hedge that will create an attractive garden boundary with minimal effort, then a low maintenance hedge is likely the best choice for you.


There are a wide variety of ready hedges in our low maintenance hedging category including traditional British hedge plant- the Hawthorn. This classic thorn hedge is of course a British native hedge that has for many used been used as a boundary hedge across fields. Our Mixed native hedging product enables gardeners to mimic the traditional way of planting these hedges out by mixing other varieties in with the Hawthorn. Its feature of rigid thorns on the stems makes it ideal for planting to deter trespassers.


Another popular variety of instant hedges that is equally low maintenance is the Portugal Laurel Evergreen hedge. If desired this variety can be trimmed into a formal hedge and when left to grow it will produce white candle like flowers, followed by black berries. This low maintenance hedge is a great alternative to Sweet Bay as its more tolerant of colder conditions.