Evergreen Hedges

Give your garden a stunning green border all year round

Evergreen hedges are a largely popular choice for British gardens because of their year-round leaf cover. Giving homeowners the most natural screening and the ultimate level of privacy.


The collection of ready hedges that fall into our evergreen category includes a varied range all offering something unique that will add to your enjoyment of any outdoor space. The traditional English Yew offers the gardener a thick and dense instant hedge that if desired can be clipped up to form a formal and structural hedge, adding style and sophistication to your garden landscape.

One of the most popular choices of Evergreen Hedging is the Laurel, we have a range of evergreen Laurels available that are a great alternative to a conifer. Laurels are of course fast growing so give an instant impact and afford the homeowner with an adequate degree of privacy without having to resort to unsightly fence panels.