Deciduous Hedges

Beautifully natural hedging for contemporary gardens with stunning summer colour    

If you are looking for a hedge that will be at its best in the Summer with an array of attractive and dense green colours, then our range of deciduous ready hedges is the ideal choice for your garden.

Achieve a beautiful country aesthetic for your outdoor space with little to no maintenance required. Due to their relatively open structure, many of these types of plants will give better air circulation and are less sensitive to wind, making them good windbreaks.

Our range of deciduous ready hedges includes the rather colourful and aptly named Purple Beech, this instant hedge provides a real splash of colour in the Summer with its versatile growing style making it a popular choice. You can keep it regularly trimmed for a more formal style hedge or allow it to grow in a looser and more natural hedge. One of our bestselling deciduous instant hedges is the popular mixed native ready hedge. Coming in a wide selection of varieties it’s the perfect hedge to plant in your garden and appreciate a real native hedge plant. Comprised of 3 hawthorn and 2 other species in a metre long trough it’s the ideal size to give instant privacy screening whatever size your garden is.

A deciduous hedge while it may drop its leaves in the winter, illustrates the changing of the seasons perfectly.