Rootball Hedging is here

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Uncategorized

Rootball Hedging season is now with us and here at we have a specially selected range of plants.  We work with a small group of growers, who we have worked with over many years, to bring you high quality field grown plants.  Each year different members of the team visit these nurseries to see what will be coming through for the coming season and to help keep the close working relationship that we have with these growers going.

This year it has been very dry and it made a nice change to walk the fields without getting wet feet.  Even though it has been dry, our Taxus grower has still had some amazing growth and this year we think these are some of the best rootball hedging plants that they have produced, being uniform in shape and size.

With the trees that are made into screening panels the dry weather has meant that they have been lifted later this year but we still have some great growth and reckon that they will make some great screening panels.  What we offer on the website are off the shelf sizes but if you need something a little bit different please contact us ([email protected]) with your size requirements and we will see what we can make up for you.  Almost anything is possible.

The range that we have put on the website is our most popular sizes of field grown stock.  If you are looking for larger plants or larger quantities, we will have them available and will give you a bespoke quote for them.  These plants will be available from now until the end of March and can be planted whatever the weather with some prior planning.  If planted at our recommended spacing these plants will give you a good instant hedge effect.