Viburnum tinus Evergreen Hedging


Viburnum tinus Evergreen Hedging an excellent evergreen hedge that will perform in most situations and has lovely white flowers during the winter months.

Type Length Weight Height Depth
Viburnum tinus Evergreen Hedging






per metre
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Viburnum tinus Evergreen hedging makes an amazing instant hedge and is sometimes known as Laurustinus. It has a dense habit with masses of dark green glossy leaves which are oval shaped. The flowers are in flattened clusters and are white with a faint hint of pink to the buds. They will appear continuously from the late Autumn until the Early spring. They produce a fruit which starts of as metallic blue and changes to black over time. Regular trimming of this hedge though will reduce the amount of flower that is produced and this then reduces the amount of fruit produced as well.

Viburnum tinus Evergreen hedging is suitable for all but the coldest parts of the United Kingdom and is able to grow in both shade and exposed coastal locations. While it can be kept clipped in to a formal shape it will be better if left as a more informal shape and will look better if allowed to be slightly more natural in its growth. If it is allowed to flower and then trimmed you will not get the fruit but you will get a better looking hedge. If allowed to grow naturally it will make a medium to large shrub. Viburnum tinus Evergreen hedging has been grown in the United Kingdom since the 16th Century.

ASPECT Coast Exposed Coast Sheltered Inland Exposed Inland Sheltered Heavy Shade
HEIGHT Less then 1m 1-2.5m 2.5-5m Over 5m
SOIL Heavy Clay Medium Loam Light Sandy Peat Acid Alkaline Poorly Drained
TRIMMING Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun< Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
FEEDING Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
FLOWERING Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
HARDINESS Hardy to -10°C Hardy to below -10°C GROWTH RATE 60cm per year