Prunus lau. Rotundifolia Readybag

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Prunus Laur Rotundifolia is also known as Common laurel or Cherry laurel, this is a reliable hedge that is evergreen.  Best suited to being a boundary hedge where it can be a little less manicured than some hedges this will allow it to shine and show off its full potential.

Prunus Laur Rotundifolia (Cherry Laurel) Instant Hedge

Common Laurel or Prunus lau. Rotundifolia Instant hedge is a large leaved fast growing evergreen.  Normally grown to provide screening if allowed to grow unchecked it can make a plant that is 5 metres tall and at least 3 metres wide.  As a hedge it can be kept comfortably down at 4 to 5 feet in height.  The leaves are large oval shaped and look quite leathery, having large leaves means that this hedge is very good at trapping noise as well as dust and other airborne particles making it versatile at improving the conditions around itself.

Prunus Laur Rotundifolia Instant hedge can be kept tightly trimmed but the team think it looks better if it is allowed to grow a little bit more naturally.  We would recommend that this type of Laurel is used more as a boundary screen especially where it has some space to grow.  If it becomes too large for the area that it is in it can be cut very hard back into the plant and if kept well fed and watered during the following growing season it will regenerate itself very quickly.

Common laurel Prunus Laur Rotundifolia instant hedge will grow in any soil type apart from waterlogged soil.  It will also grow as well as in shade and is known to be really good growing just under the edge of tree canopies where it gets dripped on from the foliage.

If left to grow untrimmed the Common laurel will flower with a lovely white candle like flower and this in turn becomes black berries.  These berries can stain paving and flooring, so it is advisable to trim the flowers off after they have faded to prevent this happening,

Prunus lau. Rotundifolia instant hedging was first recorded being grown in the United Kingdom before 1600

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Prunus lau. Rotundifolia

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