Photinia Red Robin


Photinia Red Robin Instant Hedge has stunning red new growth which fades to green as the season progresses and forms a lovely evergreen hedge. This forms an informal hedge and makes a lovely backdrop to a garden.

Type Length Weight Height Depth
Photinia Red Robin

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Photinia Red Robin Instant Hedge is an evergreen hedge that has glorious red new growth which is as good as a Pieris. The new growth fades down to green but as it fades if the plant is trimmed it will make the hedge thicken up and also send out another flush of red growth. The Photinia is a relatively fast growing hedge but needs regular trimming to help it maintian its density and shape. If it is allowed to become a more natural untrimmed hedge it will produce some creamy white flowers.

As Photinia Red Robin Instant Hedge has large leaves it makes an excellent screening plant but also a great sound proofing plant as it catches the sound within its leaves and traps it. It is also good at removing dust and other particles in the air.

The team like the Photinia Red Robin Instant hedge because of its amazing new leaf colour. The Royal Horticultural Society gave the Photinia an Award of Merit in 1977 and an Award of Garden Merit in 1984.

ASPECT Coast Exposed Coast Sheltered Inland Exposed Inland Sheltered Heavy Shade
HEIGHT Less then 1m 1-2.5m 2.5-5m Over 5m
SOIL Heavy Clay Medium Loam Light Sandy Peat Acid Alkaline Poorly Drained
TRIMMING Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
FEEDING Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
FLOWERING Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
HARDINESS Hardy to -10°C Hardy to below -10°C GROWTH RATE 50-70cm per year