Photinia Carre Rouge Instant Hedging

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Photinia Carre Rouge is an evergreen ‘ready’ hedge that has glorious red new growth which is as good as a Pieris (Forest Flame) and is as good if not better than its better known cousin Photinia Red Robin.

Photinia Carre Rouge Instant hedging

Photinia Carre Rouge Instant hedging is a bright evergreen hedge that is related to the Photinia Red Robin.  Like its better-known cousin Photinia Carre Rouge also has stunning deep red new growth and which we think is darker in colour, longer lasting and much more impressive than the normal Photinia Red Robin.  The colour on the new growth fades very slowly to green and if it is trimmed to tidy it up you will get another flush of this deep red foliage.

Photinia Carre Rouge Instant hedging has a slower growth rate than the Photinia Red Robin but it will still need regular trimming to maintain the density and the look of the hedge.  If it is allowed to grow in a more natural way it will form some lovely creamy white flowers, but this will make it a looser hedge.  It is an excellent hedge for helping with sound pollution as the medium sized leaves are very good at trapping sound within themselves.  It is also good at trapping airbourne pollutants and dust within its leaves.

Photinia Carre Rouge Instant hedging is happiest in a good moist well drained soil, but being lime tolerant as well it is able to grow in nearly any part of the United Kingdom.

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Pothinia Carre Rouge

Length 100 cm, Width 40 cm, Height 90-110 cm, Length 100cm, Width 40cm, Height 100-110cm

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