Osmanthus burkwoodii Readybag

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Osmanthus burkwoodii is a small leaved evergreen with white highly fragrant flowers, Osmanthus can be grown as either a low border edging or a medium sized boundary hedge.  The dark green leaves are an excellent back drop to more ornamental plants as well.

Osmanthus burkwoodii Readybag hedging

Osmanthus burkwoodii Readybag hedging is a stunning evergreen with small dark green leaves.  It is an equal of Common box (Buxus sempervirens) as a low hedge around 50-60cm tall.  Osmanthus has not been used much for hedging in the past, but it is gaining in popularity now especially now it has been seen to be similar to the Box.

Osmanthus burkwoodii readybag hedging is a slow growing plant that will eventually reach 2 metres in height if left untrimmed.  With regular trimming it will make a beautiful hedge up to 150cm or 5 foot in height.  If left untrimmed it will produce clusters of highly fragrant white flower in April and May and on a still day the perfume can be very overpowering, however with trimming the flowers are not produced as freely if at all.

Osmanthus burkwoodii is a hybrid of two different Osmanthus species that originate form China and Western Asia both are highly fragrant with white flowers.  This hybrid was found on a nursery in Kingston upon Thames about 1930.  The Royal Horticultural Society gave Osmanthus burkwoodii an Award of Merit in 1978 and an Award of Garden merit in 1984.

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Osmanthus burkwoodii

Length 100 cm, Width 40 cm, Height 100-120 cm, Length 100 cm, Width 40 cm, Height 80-100 cm

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