Golden Privet (Ligustrum ov. Aureum) Readybag

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Golden Privet (Ligustrum ov. Aureum) Readybag hedging has a dark green centre to the leaf surround by a rich golden yellow edge.  It is a bright and easy to maintain semi evergreen hedge.  When trimmed with a taper this makes a superb dense hedge.


Golden Privet (Ligustrum ov. Aureum) Readybag

Golden Privet (Ligustrum ov. Aureum) Readybag hedging is a bright and stunning hedge.  The leaves are edged with a really bright golden yellow that varies in thickness on the leaves meaning that some leaves can be nearly sold yellow in colour.  The yellow is offset by a deep green in the middle of the leaf.

Golden Privet (Ligustrum ov. Aureum) Readybag hedging is a semi evergreen hedge and the amount of leaf that is lost depends on location and soil.  In a cold winter or if the soil is poor or the location is windy you can lose a lot of leaf, but they flush back in the spring very quickly and look just as stunning as in the previous years.  To help with leaf retention it is advisable to trim the hedge with a slight taper making the top narrower than the bottom and this will help retain leaves at a lower level and keep the hedge looking dense.

Golden Privet (Ligustrum ov. Aureum) Readybag hedging is suitable for growing in most soil types and will even grow in light shade but for best results grow it in full sun in a good well drained soil.

The Royal Horticultural Society gave Golden Privet (Ligustrum ov. Aureum) an Award of Merit in 1977 and an Award of Garden Merit in 1984

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Ligustrum ov. Aureum

Length 100 cm, Width 20 cm, Height 70-90 cm, Length 100 cm, Width 40 cm, Height 140-160 cm, Length 100cm, Width 20cm, Height 60-80cm, Length 100cm, Width 40cm, Height 150-170cm

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