Euonymus Jean Hugues Trough

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Euonymus Jean Hugues trough is an evergreen relatively slow growing hedge that is perfect for low border edging or Knot gardens

Euonymus Jean Hugues Trough

Euonymus Jean Hugues trough hedging is closely related to the Common Spindle Bush and it will form an evergreen low growing hedge. Euonymus Jean Hugues is a selected form of Euonymus japonicus and is naturally a more upright plant than some varieties. This Euonymus will also form a more narrow hedge than the alternatives.  Suitable for growing in all parts of the United Kingdom it is a tough hardy plant and will grow in most soils that are found around this country as well.

The leaves of the Euonymus Jean Hugues trough are a dark forest green held very close to the main stems.  They have small serrations on the edge of oval leaf and are held upright as well.  The new leaves come out a lovely fresh green before fading down to the dark forest green.  It can form four petalled white flowers which are fragrant if left untrimmed but if kept trimmed regularly as a neat hedge you are very unlikely to see them.  The Flowers can be followed by a small Pink berry but again this is not very obvious and regular trimming will reduce this occurring.

To get the best colour on the leaves Euonymus Jean Hugues trough is happiest being grown in full sun, however it will also tolerate full or partial shade.

Euonymus Jean Hugues trough is relatively slow growing achieving 10-20cm growth per year.  If left untrimmed to form a more natural bush it will over time reach between 1.5 and 2.0 metres in height.  It is very easy to keep it clipped down to around a metre in height, but it can also be kept down at 50-60 centimetres in height with more regular trimming.  This ability to be kept at a lower height means that Euonymus Jean Hugues is brilliant for use in parterres and knot gardens as well as low border edging and makes a great alternative to Box (Buxus sempervirens) and English Yew (Taxus baccata).

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