Elaeagnus eb. Compacta Readybag Hedge

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Elaeagnus eb. Compacta is an evergreen hedge that has a lovely silvery grey leaf, that is an unusual colour to see in most gardens.  With small highly fragrant flowers that hide in the foliage this plant will make a big impact and point of interest for any garden.

Elaeagnus ebb Compacta Readybag Hedge

Elaeagnus eb. Compacta Readybag Hedge- has an attractive and unusual silver-grey evergreen foliage that makes a perfect natural screen in your garden. Elaeagnus produces white flowers in autumn which could go unnoticed were it not for the delightful, sweet scent.  The flowers are followed by orange speckled fruits in the Spring, ensuring that Elaeagnus is a plant for all seasons.

Elaeagnus ebb Compacta Readybag Hedge is a resilient plant ideal for exposed windy situations including coastal areas. It will grow on any well drained soil however the best foliage colour is achieved on light sandy soils.

Elaeagnus ebb Compacta Readybag Hedge makes a great rapid growing screening plant, and its height can reach up to 3m with a spread of 2m if left alone. To Keep it lower it should be trimmed in late summer after the plant has flowered.

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Elaeagnus eb. Compacta

Length 100 cm, Width 20 cm, Height 50-70 cm, Length 100 cm, Width 40 cm, Height 110-130 cm, Length 100cm, Width 20cm, Height 40-60cm, Length 100cm, Width 40cm, Height 100-120cm

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Elaeagnus eb. Compacta Foliage Elaeagnus eb. Compacta Foliage