BetterBuxus® Heritage

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BetterBuxus® Heritage

This hybrid is very similar to the well-known Buxus sempervirens but grows a bit more compact. It has dark green leaves that stay nice and green all year round. ‘Heritage’ is suitable for universal use as a hedge or pruning form.

BetterBuxus® Heritage

BetterBuxus® is the brand name for a range of Buxus that have been selected for their resistance to blight.  They are the result of years of trials and breeding by a specialist Buxus grower, of different species and varieties and the result is this hybrid box plant.  We have been able to secure stock of them to offer as an alternative to Normal Buxus sempervirens.

BetterBuxus® Heritage looks a lot like Buxus sempervirens but is a little bit more compact.  It has a good dark green leaf that is constant in colour all year round.  It can be clipped the same as Buxus sempervirens and is suitable for growing as hedging and also training into topiary shapes.

BetterBuxus® Heritage is suitable for growing in all types of soil including thin chalky soils.  Like traditional Box it can also be grown in semi shade.

Like all Box plants the BetterBuxus will require regular feeding to maintain a good colour to its leaves and to maximise its growth and resistance to disease.  It is suggested that they are fed in April, Mid-June and August.  Using a Seaweed based fertiliser will help to give all the trace elements that box require.

When trimming or pruning BetterBuxus® Heritage the first trim should be around the middle of June after the first flush of growth and the second should be in September.  Using sharp shears will give the best finish and tidying up the trimmings afterwards will help prevent disease as well as look a lot nicer.

BetterBuxus® Heritage also has a little resistance to Box Moth Caterpillar which will still nearly strip it but if fed and watered afterwards the plants will shoot back into leaf with no obvious ill effects.

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Length 100 cm, Width 18 cm, Height 25-30 cm, Length 100 cm, Width 20 cm, Height 35-40 cm, Length 100cm, Width 18cm, Height 15-20cm, Length 100cm, Width 20cm, Height 15-20cm, Length 100cm, Width 20cm, Height 25-30cm