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It is a busy time here at as we are now in the main part of the hedging season and all our tried and tested hedges are being delivered all over the country.  What is more exciting is that we have new varieties coming available over the next month or so.  All of these new varieties are currently being grown in small quantities but over the next few years we will be increasing the quantities we grow.

Ligustrum jap. Texanum a true evergreen privet and a great addition to the evergreen range.  Waxy undulating leaves give this plant a really unique look and help to offset the clusters of white flowers perfectly.

New Varieties Ligustrum
Ligustrum jap. Texanum

Next up is the evergreen Sacred Bamboo (Nandina dom. ‘Obsessed’). This does not look like the normal bamboo having compound leaves.  The new leaves are a superb dark red when they first come out and then fade down to a mid green.  We have found that with regular trimming this very ornamental plant can form a great low and dense hedge.

Nandina dom. Obsessed
Nandina dom. Obsessed

Phillyrea angustifolia is a close relative of Osmanthus burkwoodii which makes a superb hedge and has elongated evergreen leaves and will form a hedge about 100-150cm tall with a good density.  It is an excellent plant for a coastal area.  It can have creamy white fragrant flowers in May and June but regular trimming will reduce the number of flowers.

Phillyrea angustifolia rhb
Phillyrea angustifolia

Pittosporum ten. Golf Ball another evergreen but with smaller Box like leaves.  If left to grow naturally it will form a loose ball, but with regular trimming it makes a very good low hedge that is a very good replacement for Box although it might be better suited for slightly milder and more protected areas of the country.  It has very smaller chocolate brown flowers that are tucked away in the foliage.

Pittosporum ten. Golf Ball
Pittosporum Golf Ball