Native Hedging

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

With the nights getting shorter and the clocks changing at the end of this month, it means that the bare root season will soon be with us. This year with it being so dry the plants have not put the growth on as normal and with the soil being so dry it is going to be very hard to lift plants early. This is where the instant Native Hedging comes to the fore and allows you to plant your mixed native hedge or hawthorn hedge now while the soil is still warm. Because of the way that these have been grown, there is a good density already compared to the single stems of bare root plants. The instant hedge have also got over the shock of being transplanted so you will not get the losses of plants that can be up to 20% when planting bare root plants.

Hawthorn hedging

Planting now and using a container grown plant will mean that next year the plants will get a flying start and need slightly less aftercare than bare root plants. They will also be taller and denser by the end of the first year, giving a good effect.

Traditional hedgerows are made up of different varieties of plants and vary from area to area. We have looked at what grows successfully and made up Native Hedging mixes which we feel have the best growing hedgerow plants in them. They are all native species and will provide flowers for insects, as well as fruit and nuts for smaller animals and will give the hedge a good diversity of habitats.

Mixed native hedge

If a mixed hedge is going to look a bit untidy for a garden boundary hedge, straight Hawthorn can be used and when trimmed regularly will give an excellent dense hedge will still providing flowers and fruit as well as shelter for insects and animals.