Liquidambar sty. Worplesdon

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Liquidamber styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’ or Sweet Gum is often mistaken for being a Japanese Maple but it is a close relative of the Witch Hazel and also likes the same conditions and they would make a great pairing in a garden setting

As the nights get longer the liquidambar is starting to turn on its autumn colours. In different parts of the nursery in the more sheltered parts they are still in their green leaves, but as the nursery becomes more exposed we have yellows turning into rich orange reds and even the start of the deep purple colour which is so characteristic of this variety. Being a cultivar of Liquidambar, this type tends to all change at the same time which means we will soon be having stunning displays all over the nursery.

When the leaves have finally turned and dropped the bark of this handsome tree starts to play its part, showing off its corky bark on the older branches.

While it looses its leaves quite early in the season and comes into leaf later than other varieties when it is in leaf it gives you amazing cover on a panel from a very young age and on this score out performs more well-known pleached tree varieties.