Installing a hedge

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Taking care of your hedgeplants hedge is critical to ensuring the plant thrives for many years to come. Here are our key steps for you to follow on receipt of your hedge:

If storing prior to planting, ensure the hedge is watered well once delivered.

  • For hedging supplied in troughs: Dig a trench measuring roughly 20cm Deep and 30cm wide.
  • For hedging supplied in bags: Dig a trench measuring roughly 30cm Deep and 40cm wide.
  • Remove the hedges from their troughs or bags.
  • Add osmocote pre-plant fertiliser before putting the hedge which is available from us
  • Lay the hedging into the trench metre by metre, adjusting the positioning until you are satisfied with the way it lines up.
  • Backfill the trench with soil and compact this firmly.
  • Fertilise and water-in well.
  • Trim hedge tops until they are level. This allows for any uneven planting.
  • Feed your hedges with a general-purpose granular fertiliser at the rate of one handful per linear meter, annually.
    Be careful to keep fertiliser off plant foliage and always wear gloves. View our feeding notes in the product ranges for more information on this.
  • It is essential to ensure that the soil is kept moist after planting until the hedge has rooted in. So, if weather conditions are dry, regular watering will be needed.
  • We recommend for longer lengths of hedge that you use a ‘leaky pipe’ watering system to ensure consistent watering.


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