Extraordinary Environmental Benefits from Hedges

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Hedges can provide us with benefits that usually far outreach simple exterior aesthetic purposes, unlike walls and fences. Since they have a natural ability to reduce forms of noise and pollution, provide food and shelter for wildlife, and can reduce the risk of flooding, hedges can provide us with some incredible environmental benefits that are very much little-known by the general public. Overall environment impact of humans across the globe is becoming an increasingly important topic in modern society, so it would seem only fitting that we try to run through the finest benefits that hedges have to offer us!

Tackling air pollution

Surrey’s Global Centre for Clean Air Research conducted a research survey where they found that a hedge could successfully cut air pollution by a massive 50%!  Similar research has also indicated that hedges are far better at preventing air pollution among tall buildings than trees tend to be. This is particularly true in urban areas where this could be absolutely vital in considering the increases in air pollution that come from a build-up of inhabitants living in such areas. Councils will tend to plant more trees without considering all of the advantages that hedges might seriously have over trees. For these reasons alone hedges could be extremely important in combating damage to the environment through the prevention of air pollution in the future.

Trapping toxins

Hedges are successfully able to trap potentially harmful toxins at the level of exhaust pipes, therefore reducing the direct exposure people experience to pollutants. Because of this, councils across the country are trying to plant low-level hedging between the street and pedestrians, as long as pavements are suitably wide enough to allow it. The advantage of hedging here is that the hedges can get right down at the tailpipe level of a vehicle. Harmful emissions from vehicles causes a form of rapid dilution as you move further away from the road, so any hedges we may have that can act as a barrier for catching pollutants on the leaves and subsequently slow down the airflow is going to inevitably end up offering people living in homes reinforced protection.

Preventing noise pollution

Planting hedges at roadside has the remarkable ability to reduce noise pollution. Numerous studies have now established that hedges with particularly dense vegetation can successfully provide a reduction in noise pollution, even if they are relatively small. Excessive noise can also cause toxic stress reactions within the human body, with extensive health consequences. For these reasons, hedges prove to be extremely beneficial in dealing with noise-related health problems!

Creating habitats for animals

Hedges help wildlife avoid the incredibly detrimental effects of global climate change by trying to provide new homes and shelter for those species that may have unfortunately lost their original habitats. A thicker hedge will seek to provide shelter for a distance that is about three times its own height! Additionally providing shade, hedges can also perfectly provide surrounding wildlife with a form of transpiration cooling. This essentially means that they can release large quantities of water into the surrounding atmosphere from their leaves through transpiration, and so as a result the surrounding air is considerably cooled as the water is transformed from liquid to vapour!

Reduction in flood risk

Hedges have also been shown to be highly efficient in the gradual, slow release and eventual storage of water during highly significant heavy rainfall incidents. Hedges will reduce the soil water content regardless of the gradient of a particular slope, since they reduce the ground water content within the immediate vicinity of any given hedge. This can then lead to water being effectively pulled in from the soil surrounding the hedge, which initiates a subtle gradient of flow downwards.

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