Evergreen Instant Hedging

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

Now we are nearly at the shortest day of the year it is the turn of the evergreen Instant hedging to come into its own. Being evergreen they have been quietly acting as a back drop to the garden all year but now the leaves are off all the other plants, they start to show off their form and structure. The Evergreen Instant Hedging comes in two type the conifers and the broad leaves and they both perform as well as each other. Probably the best known of the instant evergreen hedges is English Yew (Taxus baccata) which forms a dark green dense hedge, that is capable of being trimmed up into a really tight and smart hedge. It’s the ideal natural privacy screening for your garden project.

With the broadleaved evergreens the range of leaf sizes and colours is much more varied. You have the lovely dark green leaves and red stems of the Portugal Laurel (Prunus lus. Angustifolia) which makes an instant hedge that is an equal of the English Yew. At the other end you have the lovely pale green almost apple green of Grisellinia littoralis, which is a welcome change in colour but is unfortunately really only suitable for growing in inner city areas or on the coast as it is slightly more tender ready hedge.

If the leaves of these plants are a bit larger than might be considered and something with smaller more delicate leaves are needed Osmanthus burkwoodii might be considered. This plant can be kept down in height as a good Box (Buxus sempervirens) substitute and will also look as smart but it can also be grown up to around the 120-150cm height and still retain the density and smartness that it has at the lower height. If allowed to be a little unkempt and not as trimmed the Osmanthus burkwoodii will have a small white flower which has a strong perfume.

If green leaves are not going to fit into the planting scheme there is Elaeagnus ebb. ‘Compacta’ and Holm Oak (Quercus ilex) both of which have a grey green foliage, but you can almost describe the Elaeagnus as having a silver foliage which makes an amazing and very different back drop to a garden.

All this Evergreen Instant hedging is available to buy here.