10 Best Evergreen Hedges you can Plant in the UK

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Adding hedges is a great way to enhance your property and privacy regarding landscaping and gardening. While you can plant many types of hedges, evergreen hedges are a great option because they provide year-round interest. If you’re looking for the best evergreen hedges for your UK home, here are five options that will thrive in your climate.

10 Best Evergreen Hedge UK

If you’re looking for a hedge that will last for years and years, then an evergreen hedge is the perfect option. Here are five of the best evergreen hedges to plant in the UK:

1. Euonymus

Euonymus Jean Hugues Readybag

The Euonymus evergreen hedge is a great way to add some privacy to your yard while also adding a touch of greenery. This hedge is known for its slow growth rate, making it a great option if you’re looking for something that will take a while to grow. It also has a low maintenance requirement, making it easy to keep looking great with minimal effort.

2. Pittosporum


Pittosporums are an excellent option for an evergreen hedge, as they grow quickly and can easily be shaped into the desired form. They are drought tolerant, so they don’t need much care or maintenance.

3. Holly

Holly is a popular option for an evergreen hedge, as it is hardy and grows quickly. It can be trimmed into any shape and provides year-round interest with its shiny green leaves and red berries.

4. Boxwood

Common box (Buxus sempervirens) Trough Hedging

Boxwoods are ideal for hedges because they grow slowly and have a dense texture that helps keep unwanted guests out. They can be trimmed into any shape and come in various colours, including green, white, and yellow.”

5. Lonicera Nitida

Shrubby Honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida) Readybag

Lonicera nitida is an evergreen hedge often used in landscaping. It is known for its rapid growth and dense cover, making it an ideal choice for privacy hedges. Lonicera nitida is also relatively low-maintenance, requiring only occasional pruning to keep it looking neat.

6. Escallonia

Escallonia Crimson Spire

Escallonia hedges are a beautiful addition to any garden. They are evergreen, meaning they keep their leaves all year long and come in various colours, making them a versatile choice for any landscape. Escallonia hedges are also relatively low maintenance; they only need to be watered occasionally and don’t require fertilizing.

7. Ilex Crenata

Japanese Holly (Ilex crenata Dark Green) Trough

Ilex crenata is an evergreen hedge popular in Japan. The leaves are small and dark green, and the plant grows slowly. It is a good choice for a hedge because it is drought-tolerant and resistant to pests.

8. Taxus Baccata

The Taxus baccata hedge is a versatile evergreen used for both privacy and landscape purposes. With its dense foliage and upright growth habit, the Taxus baccata hedge is excellent.

9. Laurels

Laurels are a classic choice for an evergreen hedge, as they are hardy and thrive in most climates. They can be trimmed into any shape and provide privacy and security.

10. Yews

Yews are another popular option for an evergreen hedge, as they are hardy and fast-growing. They can be trimmed into any shape and come in various colours, including green, yellow, and brown.

Final Words

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