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6 Tasks to Do for the Winter Hedge Care

You’d think that your hedges wouldn’t need any specific care and attention during the winter months –  after all, it’s cold, wet, icy and not the season to expect any growth on them.  But, we’ll let you into a secret, it’s actually quite important to give your hedges a bit of wintertime love!

Caring for your hedges in the winter months will reap many benefits and help them to put growth on next Spring.

Here are our top 6 tasks when caring for your hedges during the winter time:

  1.  Look at the health of your hedges

Take a step back and look at how healthy your hedge looks.  Take a look for any damage to the branches, roots that are visible on top of the soil.  Look out also  for any infestations that may have developed.  The winter weather can be very wet sometimes and infestations can thrive in this sort of environment.  If any infestations are left, they’ll rapidly reproduce and stop the growth of your hedge in Spring.  Even worse than that, infestations can actually kill your hedge, so the best idea is to get them under control in the winter months.

  •  Keep a monthly garden journal

Keeping a journal of your gardening tasks throughout the months will assist you in keeping organised.  You can jot down the tasks you have to do and when you do them,  and detail the specific hedges that need particular care and attention.  The journal will then give you a good knowledge of what works well for the hedge going forward and you can change your care plan accordingly.

  •  Trimming and pruning

Your hedges really don’t need a huge cut back in the winter months, but they do need a trim.  Trimming is especially important at this time of year, because it encourages root growth, which you’ll begin to see in the following Spring. Please do not trim evergreens in the winter.

Cut back the branches that grow near any power lines or other important structures. 

Tidy up your hedge branches by using a hedge trimmer.

  •  Prune spindly branches

Remove any spindly branches that will sap the hedge’s growth hormones from its roots. Trim away any dead leaves and twigs from the base of the hedge and keep the soil around the roots clear.

  •  Apply a good mulch

Apply a rich mulch to your hedge trunk in the winter time – it’s vitally important if you want to encourage new growth from your hedge next Spring.  A rich mulch will keep the roots of your hedge insulated from the cold, harsh winter weather. Make sure the mulch does not pile up around the plant stem as this could kill the plant.

  •  Apply a low nitrogen fertilizer

A low nitrogen fertilizer won’t stimulate any winter growth of your hedge when food sources are scarce and the temperatures are bitterly cold. 

It could be worth mixing in your fertilizer with your rich mulch for optimal hedge care.

If you follow these tips and techniques during the winter months, you’ll be sure to be rewarded with healthy new growth on your hedges the following Spring.

We hope you like our top 6 tasks for winter hedge care. We are Hedgeplants – a responsible and ethical nursery, situated in the south of Worcestershire.

If you want more information about who we are, what we do and how we can help you grow stunning hedges, then visit our website www.hedgeplants.com or simply give us a call on 01386 750 700 for any advice you may need – we’d be happy to help!