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Our responsible and ethical nursery is situated in the South of Worcestershire, UK. Home to a team of passionate horticulturalists with years of expert knowledge, all who are on hand to help you in any way we can.

Discover the latest innovation in hedging and transform your garden with ease, choosing from an unrivalled range of hedging varieties.

Easy Planting

All our hedging is container-grown in the UK, fully acclimatised to British conditions and ready to plant, straight from the container. There’s no need for machinery, hedging can be bent to conform to any desired design, and once on-site it can be planted easily by one or two people.

Quick Planting

Cut your planting time by up to half when compared to placing individual plants. All our hedging is trimmed by hand during its time on the nursery for dependable uniformity that is proven to deliver great results for your garden.

Straightforward Ordering

At Hedgeplants.com it’s easy to know exactly how many hedges you need for your garden project. Our pre-spaced, metre long units of hedging solve this problem for you. Simply choose the hedge variety, select the height you desire and then measure the required distance in metres.

You will need 1 bag or trough for every metre measured.

Our Products

Discover our extensive range of hedge plants today. With over 20 different varieties to choose from, there’s something for every requirement, from flowering evergreen to fast growing coniferous, golden variegated and just about everything in between.

All our hedging is supplied in troughs or bags, ready-spaced, already established, and ready to go into the ground. There’s no need for any special preparation, no need to introduce gaps – unless you want to – and absolutely no need for any expensive machinery. Just dig a trench to the appropriate depth and you’re ready to go!

Our Range of Hedges

The A to Z of Hedges

From low maintenance to quick growing, we've got it covered.

Browse our full range of hedges to find the perfect selection for your garden. Our buying guides will help you choose the ideal hedge for your outdoor environment, including hedges suitable for coastal locations and shaded areas with the benefits to wildlife and the local enviroment as well.

Find the right hedge plant by selecting your desired features from our list of hedge types.

Ready to Plant Hedging

Achieve immediate and impressive impact with instant hedging units from Hedgeplants.com.

Our trough hedges are suitable for planting all year round and have been expertly grown and nurtured. This enables them to perfectly knit together to give the appearance of a mature hedge, one that would typically take up to 5 years to achieve in your garden.

Planting and Watering Guidelines

Our free handly guide to planting, watering and caring for your hedges.

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Struggling to find the right hedge for you?

Finding the right hedge for your garden can be a challenge. You need to determine which hedge type will thrive in your outdoor space, including suitable soil and level of sun exposure. Our online buying guides are there to help you discover the perfect hedge, one that will flourish for many years to come. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team for advice, simply give us a call and we would be happy to help.

Why Hedgeplants is the right solution for you!

A common misconception is that planting hedging in your garden is a complex and confusing ordeal, but this needn’t be the case. Hedgeplants.com have designed the most straightforward buying and ordering process to help you choose the right hedge for your garden. You can then view our online plant care guides to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to ensure your hedge plants thrive.

Choosing a hedge from Hedgeplants.com provides you with an easy solution to achieving instant boundaries for your garden, ones that will perfectly complement all the natural aspects of your outside space.


You don’t need to have green fingers to take care of your new hedge. Learn all you need to know about caring for your hedge in our plant care guides and our latest blog posts.

Read up on how to correctly store your hedge prior to planting, keeping your hedge in a healthy condition and reduce the risk of drying out. Then follow our guide to planting your hedge, including all the preparation required.


Hedging deliveries are managed and undertaken by our preferred pallet delivery network. Most deliveries can be made within three days of receiving your order, via the pallet network of strategically placed depots across the country. In addition, for larger orders we can arrange a dedicated truck delivery at cost price.

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I wanted to relay how pleased we are with the hedges we ordered from you/Readyhedge. Right from seeing them unloaded even on the crate, I knew I had made the right decision, they are beautiful. I can see how well cared for they have been. I only hope I am able to maintain this! I have had several compliments from neighbours on the hedges. With one asking for your contact info. I will now pass this onto them. I said you/Readyhedge are very helpful at answering any queries. Thank you again. Keep up the great work!
Nasema U
First class everytime...
Richard M
Very clean hard standing yard, got loaded up very quickly and was on my way in no time, very helpful staff on hand.
Robert E
Hi Matthew Just a note to say I'm delighted with the box hedging I received on Friday. I'm so glad I went for the more expensive option. I think it's worth every penny. The hedge looks great. With thanks Norwich
Ron Trickett
Thank you for this hedge. Everyone thought it was ‘magnificent’. Before and after : Read more...
Huge thanks for all your help and the lovely delivery driver. It's finally planted and looks great.  Just irrigation hose to lay and we'll try to keep the ivy under control. We're delighted  - an investment in the future of this place and valuable habitat replacement. Although the felling of the cedars (RIP!) was an unpleasant surprise. the hedge will be a vast improvement visually. Read more...
A great example of Ilex Crenata Dark Green hedging, images by Outerspace Creative Landscaping www.outerspacegardens.co.uk  
Outerspace Creative Landscaping
A lovely example of our Prunus lau. Rotundifolia Readyhedge, just after planting.  Image courtesy of Francesca Sinclair (www.francescasinclair.co.uk)
Francesca Sinclair
They were heavy, Lindsay … as you said. Thankfully I had two strong lads to help me but even they struggled at times. But hey …….it was worth all the effort. Read more...
The trees and Taxus balls are fabulous - thanks, much bigger than I was expecting, which is good for me !! Clinton also said your driver was brilliant - it really is a tricky site to get to. Sj Read More...

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